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What if you knew how to build a strong academic future for your child - while having fun - simply by changing the way you talk and play with them?

Believe it or not, the path to literacy and a strong academic future begins the day your child is born. We’ve designed Simply Smart preschool education products to help you provide your kids with the best possible start in life. It’s quick and it’s easy!

Get on the path today with Simply Smart START! P.O.W.E.R. Tools ®

A preschool education video coaching system designed to teach parents five proven strategies that advance early child brain and language development.

This easy to use system includes:
Short videos that teach how to use each P.O.W.E.R. Tool, including:

  • Playing With Sounds
  • Observe and Comment
  • Words and Meanings
  • Expand and Enhance
  • Raising Questions
  • Separate age group segments
  • Newborn & One
  • Two & Three
  • Four & Five
  • An in-depth guidebook with resources to easily implement strategies

Consistent use of these strategies has been shown to improve a child’s receptive and expressive language skills, cognitive skills, vocabulary, and phonological awareness—all essential ingredients for academic success.

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Simply Smart Kids

Why Simply Smart Kids?

Simply Smart Kids, founded by educators with over 80 years of experience, have seen firsthand that the most academically successful students entered school with rich vocabularies, the ability to put together complex sentences, and a firm understanding of linguistic concepts. These children have a positive learning experience and continue to excel.

On the other hand, they also saw children enter kindergarten with weak language skills. School became a struggle for them and sometimes after years of frustration these children developed behavioral and/or attention problems. That’s why they created Simply Smart Kids.

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What Parents and Educators Are Saying

“Even as an elementary school teacher myself, I learned new strategies to use with my child at home in everyday life that are EASY to implement.” Sarah, Birmingham, MI

"I am so happy with this program. It has helped me to learn to use the tools I already have such as books and the world around us. I have seen the smile on my son’s face during our discussions." James’s mom, Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I feel more confident. I have tools to work with that are not difficult, take no more time, and that elicit immediate results.” Claire, Birmingham, MI

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